Blocked Toilet Crawley

BlockedToilet Crawley

Blocked Toilet Crawley Rob Gunstone

Blocked toilet Crawley Cleared for a fixed Price Robert 07731 567595 or Chris 01293 769409.

When it comes to unblocking toilets in Crawley , health  I simply offer a fixed price so you know were you stand straight from the start no hourly / half hourly rates.

I have been carring out drain clearance and unblocking toilets in Crawley for over 27 years and have all the right tools for the job.

Blocked Toilet Crawley

Blockages in the toilets are caused by numerous things but the most common are baby wipes/make up wipes, and some customers say they are flushable but have you tried pulling one apart with your hands ? now picture that wipe caught in you drain, on a slightly worn drain or a small defect that normally would not be a problem.

They just don’t break up like toilet paper.

Tampax blocked drains and toilet are one of the worst they are designed to absorb and upon doing so swell,and float in the interceptor trap which is further down the system  before the main sewer and the ones with the string are the worst as it just floats there waiting for the next tampax to come and the blue strings knot up to each other.

This then creates a cotton ball that gets bigger and bigger untill the drain blocks.

Blocked Toilet Crawley Childs Toy

I have been to lots of blocked toilet in Crawley due to a childs toy being flush down the toilet, and most get wedged at the back of the toilet at the point were the mutiquick connector joins the pan.

This normall involves taking the toilet out to remove the toy but I have removed some without removing the toilet.

Slow Filling Toilet

Slow filling toilet cisterns can also cause blocked toilets/drains as the toilet cistern is still not full when a second person uses the toilet not long after the first and because the water was slow the cistern does not fill in time to required level to create a full and powerful flush which then does not flow properly out of toilet or drain.

Thank you for reading my details

Robert 07731 567595

Chris 01293 769409.

Blocked Toilet Crawley









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